Brisbane Only Repulsive Liquid Film Festival Daybills


 Feature Presentation is a series of posters established by Phoebe Paradise (@phoebe.paradise) and Sam McKenzie (@ohnosam) and curated in conjunction with Two Bit Movie Club hosted in Brisbane, Australia. The concept came from a shared obsession with the commercial art of old movie posters, VHS covers, merchandising & the culture of bootlegging within these spaces. 

Both illustrators and working artists themselves, Phoebe & Sam aimed to create an exhibition that places the work of commercial artists into a contemporary gallery context, while celebrating this love of bootleg film memorabilia. 

The unique focus for Feature Presentation is the historic Australian Daybill - a long-lost movie poster format that is most easily recognised by its tall and slim design (13”x13”). Rather than work within the boundaries of a modern film poster, F.P challenges artists to celebrate this bygone piece of Australian design history by reimagining film artwork in the Daybills' unique format.