Hackers - Sat March 23 New Farm Cinemas

It’s an extraordinarily special edition of Two Bit Movie Club as we revisit 1995’s critically and commercially underappreciated futuristic tech thriller Hackers.

This dizzying work pushed Hollywood computer logic to its furthest extremes in an attempt to do the impossible: To make being on the computer look cool. The question of whether or not it succeeded is unbelievably subject to taste. Join us for a spectacular array of cool IRC usernames, thrilling keyboard sequences, and — most importantly — outfits so mid-90s that it borders on parody. And to show just how important it is, for this special dress-up screening we’ll be giving out prizes to attendees who manage to capture the baffling technicolour-military-surplus-high-camp-athleticwear-technofetishism fashion ethos dreamed up by perhaps history’s most encouraged wardrobe department.

We'll also have a Hackers Australian daybill for sale online and at the event illustrated by artist Niqui Toldi (www.niquitoldi.com)



In conjunction with 'Feature Presentation', Two Bit Movie Club hosts an ongoing series of re-imagined movie posters by an international and local lineup of artists that celebrates the unique format of the Australian daybill, a poster format uniquely utilised by cinemas in Australia for the better part of the 20th century. Feature Presentation was established by Brisbane artists Phoebe Paradise and Sam McKenzie.